» LPS Inc. strives to provide the most effective, accurate and efficient tenant and employment screening available.

» LPS Inc. screens each prospective tenant with care, thoroughness and persistence as if they were our own prospective applicant.

» LPS Inc. aims to create a more profitable investment and a more responsible tenant and work environment for our community.

Since our beginning in 1987, LPS Inc. has built a history of reporting accurate data and information in regards to both residence and pre-employment screening. Our reports, developed by highly trained staff, are the quickest and most thorough method of searching individual resident, employment, credit, and public record background. LPS Inc. has the sources to obtain criminal and/or civil information through many different databases when necessary, in order to provide the most thorough background information possible.

Upon receiving the application, we begin by obtaining a national credit report. The credit report lists accounts that have been sent to collections, as well as liens and judgments filed against the applicant. The credit account information listed on an individual's credit will show payment history, account balances, projected monthly payments due and the current status.

Criminal background searches have become a necessity in today's rental and employment industries. Individuals with criminal history are known to seek out landlords and employers who do not search criminal records when trying to obtain occupancy or employment. This can lead to future problems on the property or employment, not only with management, but with other residents or employees as well. Criminal court files can be cross referenced by name with an applicant's date of birth and, in some instances with physical description, and/or social security numbers to ensure accuracy.  All criminal reports also include a nationwide sex offender search.

As a professional screening company, having an accurate and complete database of unlawful detainer (evictions)is a must for servicing our clients correctly. Some companies look for an unlawful detainer by simply looking at the credit report. This will usually not find such files, since credit reporting agencies need a social security number to report on an individual, and they rarely, if ever, are included in an unlawful detainer file.This is where a database of unlawful detainers along with a credit check can determine more accurately an applicant's past rental history.

The above mentioned services are all included in our proposed SHORT SERVICE reports. This can be done by our clients easily accessing our data online or have our LPS staff obtain the information for you. A FULL SERVICE report would also include the verification of employment and rental history verification. When checking the references of employment given on an application,we do everything that we can to ensure the person giving the information is authorized to do so. We keep a database of human resource numbers for many large companies in the area to help speed up the verification process.

One of the most crucial pieces of information included in our full service report is the verification of current and/or previous rental history. With our thorough questioning of rental references, we are able to determine the accuracy of the rental application, as well as the applicant's capability of renting from our clients. With the utilization of tax records, reverse directories and on-line information, our reports are not only highly informative and detailed, but also easy to read.

As you become a client of LPS Inc. you will notice immediately that providing accurate information is just the start of our service, we pride ourselves in customer service. If you ever have any questions about our service or information we have provided, we will be more than willing to help answer them. We look forward to doing business with you soon!